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I'm a photographer of love stories: Venice is the stage and you'll be the main characters. When possible I like to start getting to know and talk about the plan by a video call so we can get better and more personalized images in Venice.


Photography was not my first love, indeed I studied economics and then worked in the corporate environment for several years  before starting "as a game" the life of a photographer in 2012 and then actually never looking back.
The years spent abroad actually made me love an international dimension that now I can still experience with clients from all over the world.


Venice and happy couples match so much, and as a photographer I'd have difficulties picking one of the two so here I am leveraging Venice as the background for couple photography.


I do have plans to which I've been devoting a lot of energies in the past few years but who know how life will unfold, and how boring it would be if we knew in advance...

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