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Surprise proposal at the Aman Hotel

A Birthday Celebration Turned Fairytale Engagement at Venice’s Aman Hotel 

Every now and then, I have the distinct pleasure of capturing a moment so intimate and extraordinary that it feels more like a scene from a romantic movie than real life. One such magical event unfolded at the luxurious Aman Hotel in Venice, an exquisite venue that George Clooney famously selected for his own wedding in Venice celebration.

Detail of the table arrangement and the party in the background


detail of an artwork at the Aman Hotel

Art on a Ceiling of the Aman Venice

The Aman Hotel, with its majestic architecture and grandeur, offers a setting that seems to be crafted for timeless romance. This Venetian jewel, perched on the Grand Canal, is steeped in history and elegance, and it was within its storied halls that a birthday celebration transformed into an enchanting proposal.

The couple arrived by water taxi, gliding through the romantic canals of Venice, setting the stage for an evening of celebration. The plan was to honor the lady’s birthday with an intimate dinner in the Tiepolo Room, an opulently decorated space named after the famed Venetian painter Tiepolo, whose artworks contribute to the room’s splendor.

birthday celebration in Venice

Birthday Celebration Aman Venice

portrait at Hotel Aman Venice

Happiness in Venice

As a proposal photographer in Venice, it’s my job to blend into the background and anticipate the perfect moment to capture the memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

On this occasion, the task was particularly enchanting. I watched the evening unfold, every detail meticulously planned to culminate in the ultimate surprise. The couple, surrounded by the warmth of close friends, settled in for what was bound to be an exquisite private dining experience. Laughter and joy permeated the room as the birthday cake was presented, complete with candles flickering atop, waiting for a wish to send it into darkness.

As the soon-to-be fiancée leaned forward to blow out her candle, her partner seized the moment, her birthday wish about to become more profound than anyone could have imagined. At that instant, amidst the soft glow of candlelight, an engagement ring was presented, shining as bright as the stars above the Venetian sky. The air was charged with anticipation as the heartfelt marriage proposal was offered. There, in a room adorned with historic art, surrounded by the warmth of friends and the palpable romance of Venice, she said Yes!

proposal idea: during a dinner at Aman Hotel

Will you marry me?

hug after the proposal

She said yes

The camera clicked, immortalizing the sheer joy and love on their faces, a testament to the new journey they were embarking on together.

The evening continued with even more fervor, as the dual celebration of a birthday and an engagement ensued. The couple, now betrothed, reveled in the magnificence of their surroundings and the company of loved ones.

The Aman Hotel’s Tiepolo Room, already a location where history whispers through the walls, added another layer to its legacy as the backdrop for this couple’s unforgettable moment.

Fianceé showing her engagement ring

Engagment Ring

Kiss after the engagement

Ring and Kiss

As their proposal photographer, it was a privilege to witness and document their love story.
Each shot I took encapsulated the raw emotions and the beautiful setting, ensuring that the couple could relive their perfect proposal for years to come. So here’s to the newly engaged couple, whose love story took a surprising and joyous turn in the heart of Venice. And if the walls of the Aman Hotel could talk, they would surely recount this tale of love – an epitome of the romance and magic that abounds in this timeless city.

friends celebrating the birthday and the engagement at hotel Aman


Venetian atmosphere


good bye

happy engagement and brilliant future!

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